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Dear Members,

Welcome to www.1energyportal.net - A global portal for renewable energy, energy conservation and sustainability.

We hope you all are exploring the portal and finding new ways to leverage this portal for your benefit. We at 1energyportal would like to keep our members updated on new, exciting and value added developments in the 1energyportal.net site.
We hope to keep you updated on these changes through this regularly updated blog.

New Features

Discussion Board: This feature will allow registered members to initiate a topic for discussion and allows other members to respond to the published topic. Just another great way for members to interact with one another on interesting Green topics and to learn, share and expand their knowledge base.
Look out for the “Discuss” menu link with a star next to it.

Advertisements: This section contains advertisements of the companies wish to promote their product services and messages

Existing Features

Currently 1energyportal is enriched with so many valuable features benefiting both the site subscribers and Corporate accounts/listed companies. Individuals have a solid networking platform where they can search and connect with other industrial professionals, share their ideas through Messages and Message Board. Members can post updates about green energy, energy conservation or sustainability on message board. Members can also upload their Articles about various project and new technologies and other users can read articles, gain knowledge and share their feedback with the Authors.

Companies can post their Events and get registrations as members can directly contact the listing companies after going through the event information. Companies can also apply for Advertisement space and sponsored Green Tips. Ask us how by emailing thinkgreen@1energyportal.net

Company Listing: Now you can list your company on 1energyportal under the “Companies” section. Your company profile listing could include company logo, a banner and some details like contact information and your company website. This is a great way to market your company to the subscribers and other corporations within the site.

Product listing: Products can be listed on the portal with product images and product details. Under the “Products” section subscribers can view all listed products, search for products and contact the company listing the product.

Services listing: Services can be listed on the portal with Service images and details. Under the “Services” section subscribers can view all listed services, search for services and contact the company listing the service.

Job listing: With 1energyportal.net corporate account holders/ listed companies can post their jobs on this highly targeted portal to find the right candidates. Subscribers can view jobs and directly contact the company or the person listing the job.

About Corporate account and how to get one for your organization:

For company, product and service listing you need to have a corporate account with 1energyportl.net. Signing up for a corporate account is very simple and easy. Send your company information, logo and website URL at thinkgreen@1energyportal.net with subject ‘request for corporate account and we’ll list your company products and services with your confirmation. Corporate accounts are free till December 2010. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!!!

Upcoming Features

While on the site, keep your “antenna” up. You may just happen to notice a “star” that could draw your attention to a new feature.

News: Get latest and greatest daily news from energy industry on your own energy portal www.1energyportal.net

Email Alerts: This feature will keep you updating about activities on 1energy portal.
Invite your friends to participate in Discussion Board: You will be able to invite people to participate in discussion you started and help you to know opinions of other professional.

Resume Upload: Job seekers can upload their resume to their profile to get it find by companies looking for new employees.


Thank you for reading through this newsletter and as always we greatly appreciate any and all feedback about this newsletter and our site. Please write to us at
with your comments and suggestions if any.

In addition, we invite members to write to us an inspiring story on renewable energy or energy conservation or sustainability. These stories can be your personal experiences of the experiences of someone or some organization you may know. We please ask that these stories be real life stories that can inspire other readers in their own personal or professional missions, and not fictions. In the event that we receive multiple stories, we will hold back on some of these stories and list them in latter newsletters. Stories will be chosen in the order they are received. Only one story will be listed with each newsletter. Story will have your member ID information so that readers (other members of this site) may contact you through the site. If you do not wish your member ID to be listed, please let us know when you send your story in.

To send in your inspiring story email it to storyline@1energyportal.net
Be sure to include your member ID in that email. Emails without member ID will not be listed.

Yours Team at 1energyportal.net
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